Medistim ASA is a public company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. Medistim Norge AS (formerly Medistim KirOp AS) has since 1985 distributed medical devices and consumables in several surgical areas on behalf of a large number of internationally renowned manufacturers in Norway. Medistim Norge AS (Norway) and Medistim Danmark Aps (Denmark) are subsidiaries of the Medistim Group.
The Norwegian company represents a broad range of products in Neuro, ENT, Plastic, Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular, General and Ophthalmic Surgery. The Danish company was established in 2011, and represents products in Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular and General Surgery.

Company Details
Medistim in Norway and Denmark employs 17 people, several with more than 20 years of experience in the life science industry.
The sales force in the field numbers 8 people, and cover the countries of Norway and Denmark.

President and CEO Medistim ASA:
Kari E. Krogstad

Managing Director Medistim Norge AS:
Ole Jørgen Robsrud

Revenue in 2015: NOK 77 mill (USD 9 mill)
Financial status: AAA rating from Dun & Bradstreet. (D & B Business Report)
Certifications: NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 (Certification)

Neuro, Ear- Nose-Throat (ENT) and General surgery
Sales Manager: Erik Jørgensen and Svein Kaldestad
Medistim Norge represents many well-known international suppliers. In neuro and ENT surgery we are representing companies like Neuromedex, Söring and Doro Cranial stabilization, retractor system from ProMed Instruments and metal stents from TaeWoong Medical. In generals surgery we market products from Aspen Surgical and Grena.

Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular surgery
Sales Manager: Terje Broks
Medistim Norge represents Medistim`s transit time flowmeters used for intraoperative quality control of cardiac, vascular and transplant surgery. We also market products from Vascutek and Vitalitec/Peters Surgical, in addition to surgical headlights from Sunoptics and surgical loupes from Surgical Acuity.

Plastic surgery
Sales Manager: Elisabeth Skagestad
In plastic surgery we represent Johnson & Johnson (Mentor and Byron), MicroAire, Synovis,
Novus Scientific AB and VOE compression garments for postoperative use after plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Sales Manager: Torodd Fineide
Medistim Norge represents products from several major manufacturers within ophthalmic equipment as Haag-Streit, Haag-Streit UK, Oculus, Optovue, Ocular, Volk, Reichert, Heine and Icare. We market microscopes from Möller-Wedel, refraction units from DOMS and Meccanottica Mazza, and ophthalmic single-use surgical products from Eagle and Hurricane.
Medistim Norge represents surgical instruments from well known manufactures as Bolton, Boss, Geister, Geuder and Nopa.


Organisation number: NO 937 729 111


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