iCam Fundus

iCam Fundus

Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera Solution

The iCam is a color, non-mydriatic fundus camera offering high quality color images in a simple, compact and affordable device. iCam provides rich, dee color images by offering a unique balanced combination of functions in a compact, portable, affordable solution.

45 degree Color & Red-Free* Imaging
Document the retina, optic disk and anterior segment with beautiful, detail-rich color images. Red-free images are only one-click away allowing for greater appreciation of structural detail.
*Performed in the software post capture

Image Sharpening
A deconvolution algorithm enhances image detail enabling quality, 5.2 megapixel images for documentation.

12-bit CCD Sensor
The 12-bit CCD sensor provides higher color fidelity saturation, lower noise and 20 times greater tonal range over 8-bit CMOS sensors.

LED Flash
The LED flash light has a longer life expectancy and consumes less power compared to xenon tubes.

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  • Field Angle: 45°
  • Image: 5.2 Million Pixels
  • Pupil Diameter: ≥4mm
  • Illumination During Alignment to Patient's Eye: NIR LED
  • Flash for Retina Image Capture: White LED located inside the instrument at the end of the illumination optical train, synchronized to flash with the capture fuction
  • Cornea Image: Illumination from 3 external white LED sources in steady state mode
  • Total Focus Diopter Adjustment Range: -35D to +30D
  • Z-ranging (Working Distance): ~25mm
  • Fixation: 6 Internal & one Adjustable External
  • Focus Adjustment: Manual


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